RA.LO Debuts on Sound Alive Records with the R&B Smash "Fake Love"

When you've been nearly destroyed, and your mind, heart, and soul have been betrayed, it's hard to love again. You meet your potential soulmate only to find out they were put in your life only to teach you a lesson. NO FAKE LOVE is an anthem for all of those who seek real love and nothing more. Stream it NOW on Soundcloud!

Raul Lozano is a performer/songwriter from Texas. Before he began recording music as a solo artist, he was the lead keyboard, and second voice for two time Tejano Music Award nominees Revo Live Band. He spends his time practicing what he loves the most: creating and recording music on a daily basis. He also performs live at events with his family (La Farra Hermanos Lozano). As a complement to his artistic soul, Raul also enjoys performing at the local community theatre.

#rnb #soul #music #soundaliverecords

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