Interview W/ Boston's Own "Qbrandnew"

Sound Alive Records recently sat down with rising Lyricist "Qbrandnew" to talk about his music and his contribution to Boston Hip Hop.

Who is "Qbrandnew" & where you reppin?My name is jaquan bennett aka Qbrandnew I’m from the Dorchester area of Boston Massachusetts. What Influenced you to become a rapper/emcee/lyricist?I used to play around and come up with a few bars in my head just to play around and freestyle with my friends and they used to tell me it didn’t sound so bad I should try writing a 16 I just took the compliment and ran with it. Who are some of favorite Artists?R.i.p Nipsey hussle,Fabolous,Dave east,don q What music are you working on?Right now I’m trying to see how versatile I am so I’ve been trying to work on releasing a rap/pop song

What Are Your current & upcoming releases?I have a couple songs from a mixtape I dropped on Spotify and iTunes the whole mixtape is on SoundCloud it’s called NOBODYFVMOUS and I’m currently working on my next one. If you had to pick 1 Artist to feature on a record with you who would it be? Travis Scott Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?Successful whether it’s in music or not music is my passion but it’s not my plan a What can fans/listeners expect from your music?My story what I’ve been through in life what I’ve seen What inspires you? Seeing people make it from the bottom seeing the underdog win for once How can fans find you online?Ig:NOBODYFVMOUS Twitter:quanlegend SoundCloud Qbrvndnew Any Shout Outs? Shout out to the people who take the time out of their day to listen to my music I appreciate y’all and the engineers of course!

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