Introducing Music Mastering & Additonal 12 Week Viral Promotion for your Releases

Sound Alive Records is excited to Offer "Music Mastering" & additional "12 Week Viral Promotional Advertising Campaigns". We will make sure your sound is competitive with Major Label Recording Artists. With "Final Level Mastering" our trained ears will take your completed mix and make sure that it sounds amazing on all mediums, car, radio, phone, headphones and more. Final Level Mastering is important as it assures congruency and consistency for the listening experience. Easy quick and Buy and add it to any release package.

Our "12 Week Viral Promo" is perfect if you're an artist who is trying to break a "Single" or if you are looking for continued methods to market and promote your album to music based followers from our collective of over 250,000 following. We generate millions of impressions per month & we'd like to share our platform with you. Sign up is "Click & Easy". We look forward to distributing your next project.

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