Production Basics: w/ E. Smitty

Live From Sound Alive Studios: For the beginner Producer/Artist there are some valuable methods that will help you increase productivity and help you hone in on your craft. In this Article, we'll go over the very "Production Basics" that will help you take a concept to a master-piece.

  1. Try everything, you'll be surprised how much going old school outside the box will help you add depth and character to your production and recordings. Live sounds always have their own unique character that might just fill the void between virtual instruments and plugins.

  2. Find a room surrounded by rooms, try to treat it the best you can, diffuser sound panels, bass traps and if that's not possible throw up some blankets, even a mattress to create a shielded space to record and create your sound. The more walls you can put between your recordings and sounds, the more pure sound you can capture and create.

  3. If you're tracking in live sounds/instruments, try angling your mics in different ways, try everything you can to get the best quality sound with least amount of feedback, funky twists sometimes equal funky kicks!

  4. Minimum is sometimes Optimum, I've heard an entire Marvin Gaye Session that was 8 tracks or less, when it was put together it sounded like 20 or 30 tracks put together.

  5. Let your production breathe, little nuances and off-sets in the drums from hi-hatts, cymbals to the kicks gonna give your track a natural flow, quantization should be used on a very minimal basis, just as a wall or boundary to keep things slightly contained.

  6. Enjoy yourself, have fun, no expectations, get into your groove, get into what you're doing and just let it roll off your tongue and fingertips.

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