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When it come's to jack of all trade's in music very few artists make the list. Chino (born Charles branch) is one of few who makes that list. Specializing in mastering his craft to go above and beyond. From composing songs to making beats, singing, rapping, ghostwriting, and mix & mastering. He is a one of a kind artist who takes determination to the next level. While starting out with a the group Tc Rock stars he started gaining notoriety. The group eventually separated and started solo ventures. Chino began working even harder and became more dedicated to music.”there's a lesson in everything and everything happens for a reason”.While situations arose back to back from losing everything to a fire causing months of being homeless for him and his family. To financial difficulties and health problems that continue to follow his him and his children. Chino still held strong as it inspired the newly released track sick of Struggling which created a buzz. Chino draws inspiration from life experiences and his family. With goals of becoming a music Icon and to inspire people to go for there dreams and to motivate, He never takes any opportunity for granted. He has done shows from imperial room to club new York. He has also won a radio song contest on a new york radio show called the air it out show. Chino aspires to go global with his music with dreams of becoming a music legend not just another music artist. The road ahead is long and opens doors for endless opportunities .Chino's determination and confidence is shown through his music and sheds light on his talents and prepares him for the journey that awaits him.

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