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I have been playing guitar and singing since I was nine years old (since,1969). My inspiration to play guitar and sing as a child was my family. My Dad played guitar and sang in his country western band in bars and honky-tonks at various location in the Fresno, CA (San Joaquin Valley area) during the '50s & '60s.. I was too young to watch him play, but he taught me to play rhymn guitar and we'd play all the country songs, that he played in public ('50s, '60s, & '70s era). As a teenager (early '70s), when my Dad's band days were over, he and I played a couple times for a Convalescent Home where my uncle was staying, but most just played for the family. The great support and love from my family has inspired me to write songs that come from the heart and about real life. My songs reflects my love for my wife (Thurma), since March of '81, my four kids; six grandkids, my Mom, (past Thanksgiving day 2016), and my Dad (past, mid '90s).

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