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E. Smitty makes an impact at London Blockchain Conference

Music producer and CEO of Distro Mint, E.Smitty, explained how this improved scalability could help impact people in real terms. “In the music industry, you get paid off of streams and plays, but that doesn’t mean that if someone listens to your song for five seconds that the platform counts that as a steam. You need 30 seconds or better for it to count as a stream in platforms like Spotify…This model does not benefit the artists,” he explained.

E.Smitty went on to suggest that “BSV solves that problem with microtransactions, being able to put a value on a single second.”

This is only possible due to the huge scalability of the BSV blockchain and its ability to handle massive amounts of transactions. This view was supported by Michael Choi, Director of Panda Angel and myFabula.

“Many people say size doesn’t matter [cue laughter from the crowd], but when it comes to the blockchain, this is not true. The ability to scale is critical,” he noted.

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