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Music Distribution

Sound Alive Records

Sound Alive Records Music Distribution is not your average Distrokid, we are the "cream of the crop, the creme de la creme" as Guru from Gangstarr eloquently put it!  Sound Alive Records boasts one of the best distribution pipelines in the industry.  We understand all the checks & balances of Music Distribution including providing our clients with amazing opportunities to be the top tier, 1st in line for spotlights in Spotify for Artists, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube music & many more.  Our platform brings the capability and acclaim of a Major Record Label to the access of the independent artist.  

Why Are We Better?

  • We Distribute Worldwide to 264 Territories, more than Distrokid, CD Baby & Tunecore combined!

  • We Offer real-time Intellectual Property Rights Protection including Automated Infringement Detection Technology

  • Our System automatically detects copies/uploads of distributed content & immediately claims and monetizes content

  • We are distributed in all 7 continents of the Globe from Africa to Asia

  • We have the capabilities to offer viral PR & Advertising Campaigns to help grow awareness & increase sales

  • Our Team has a combined 53 years of experience in the Music Industry including credits with Gold, Platinum & Award Winning Artists 

Distributors North America
Distributors South America
Distributors Europe
Distributors Africa
Distributors Asia
Distributors Australia
Sound Alive Records Distribution Map
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