Upload Instructions:
All Files Should Follow This Specific Format or your Release will be Flagged for Errors: 
All Song(s) in WAV Format 44.1khz 16 or 24Bit
Album Artwork Must be 3000x3000 Minimum or 6000x6000 Maximum specs 300DPI.
*JPEG or TIF only.
Labeling Of WAV Files:
Acceptable Examples: 
                  01 Artist Name - Song Title 
                  02 Artist Name - Song Title Feat. Guest Artist Name
                  03 Artist Name - Song Title Pt. 2
Place All Clearly Numbered and Labeled Songs Into 1 Folder & Upload to: info@soundaliverecords.com via www.wetransfer.com


MetaData: (Please Attach as Text File or email to: info@soundaliverecords.com) We May Request Additional information. 

Song Name:
Artist Name:
Writer/Legal Name:
Country of Recording:
Country Of Artist:

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Allow 1-2 Weeks to show up in stores, Pre-Orders and Future Release Dates may be set 3-6 Months in Advance.  Just Purchase & Contact Us.  Artist Keeps 100% of Rights.  90/10 Fixed Distribution Percentage After Taxes.  90% Royalty to the Artist 10% Royalty to Sound Alive Records.  Payout administered when Artist reaches minimum earnings threshold,  $100 per Single Distribution or $250 per Album Distribution.  No Duplicates song(s) or Distributions, to re-distribute a song please make sure previous contract is null and void.  Artist assumes all responsibility for All Media/Art/Audio Graphic Content Submitted or Distributed by Sound Alive Records.  All Packages Are Final Sale, No Returns.  All Distributions will Automatically Renew each year no extra cost.  Welcome to Distribution.


Submitting demos? We accept links only (no physical copies or Mp3, please).

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