Sound Alive Records

Upload Instructions: please follow these steps.

For Albums & Singles:

1. Create New Folder

2. Place Audio Files In 1 Clearly labeled folder in WAV Format.

CLEARLY Label Each Song In this format or your project will be flagged!!!

Acceptable Examples: 
                  01 Artist Name - Song Title 
                  02 Artist Name - Song Title Feat. Guest Artist Name
                  03 Artist Name - Song Title Pt. 2

3. Place Album or Single Artwork in the Same Folder Must be at least 1500 x 1500 300DPI Resolution. 

4. Add Meta Data File in Text/Word File 

Meta Data Contains Album/Single "Title" & (Artist Writer Name For Each Song & Producer Name)

5. Zip Folder & Send To:



TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Allow 1-2 Weeks to show up in stores, Pre-Orders and Future Release Dates may be set 3-6 Months in Advance.  Just Purchase & Contact Us.  Artist Keeps 100% of Rights.  90/10 Fixed Distribution Percentage After Taxes.  90% Royalty to the Artist 10% Royalty to Sound Alive Records.  Payout administered when Artist reaches minimum earnings threshold,  $100 per Single Distribution or $250 per Album Distribution.  Payment may be requested via Paypal, Check or Crypto Currency $SAR $XDC $XRP $XLM $HBAR $LCX No Duplicates song(s) or Distributions, to re-distribute a song please make sure previous contract is null and void.  Artist assumes all responsibility for All Media/Art/Audio Graphic Content Submitted or Distributed by Sound Alive Records.  All Packages Are Final Sale, No Returns.  All Distributions will Automatically Renew each year no extra cost.  Welcome to Distribution.