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Interview with "Te Luvv"

Sound Alive Records would like to start this interview saying it is an honor to meet such an amazing person. It's so much our audience and colleagues would like to get to know about you. So with that being said, let's get to the interview with artists "Te`Luvv"

Q: Who is Te`Luvv & where are you reppin?

A: Te`Luvv (tay-love) is a man who is born again with a “made up mind” to follow Jesus. I lived in Memphis, TN for the last 15 years and recently moved to a suburb of the Charlotte, NC area.

Q: What influenced you to become a Rapper/Emcee/Lyricist?

A: Jesus did. He trained me to hear His voice starting the day I gave my life to Him. He spoke to me a few months later while writing poetic expressions to Him in a college class. I was opposed to it, but He showed me over a 3-year period to go forward.

Q: Who are your most favorite/influential artists/musicians?

A: I would primarily say the Holy Spirit Himself, the bible, prayer, and any music that glorifies Him has influenced me. I listen to all genres and ages of Jesus music. Maranatha Singers, Corey Red and Precise, Fred Hammond, Detrick Haddon, John P. Kee, Mass Choirs, and Joann Rosario are a few in my rotation.

Q: We all have a story, what is yours?

A: My testimony is my story. Born out of Detroit, MI I grew up in a home of alcoholism and domestic violence. A man evangelized me during my freshman year of college. A few days later I went to church with him and gave my life to Jesus. The very thing that I didn’t want was the very thing that would change my entire life. Now I’m free as a bird following Jesus around the world one foot in front of the other.

Q: Tell us more about the music you're working on and any upcoming releases?

A: The current album “Free One” is an album I produced and also collaborated with a few others. It features different styles of beats, rhymes, and singing from a heart that is tuned in with what’s on the heart of Jesus. “Born Again Memphis” is the next project that’s almost complete. I have not settled on a title for the one after that, but I’ve got some solid production lined up already.

Q: What can fans expect to hear when they listen to a Te`Luvv record?

A: Listening to a Te`Luvv record will motivate you to examine what you say you believe and why you say you believe it. The songs and lyrics are geared towards the non-religious and true followers of Jesus. It’s clear passionate adherence with a sense of urgency. As a Christian Rapper my aim is to exalt the Christ in the Christian.

Q: As an a Artist/Musician we can attest that it is a Journey & there are many obstacles, trials & tribulations to overcome to reach the plight of success, what has been your biggest obstacle & how did you overcome it?

A: The biggest obstacle by far is my previous divorce. The biggest reason is the bible says God hates divorce. I didn’t want that and fought through a two-year separation to make it work. I didn’t know how much a man could hurt and be broken on the inside. The collateral damage and lives affected is very costly. Although I did not file for divorce or want the divorce, marriage only works when both people want it. You can’t change nobody and you can’t make nobody do anything. I overcame by spending long hours praising Him in spite of, praying to Him, and staying in His word. I had solid brothers in Christ around me that continued to love me and help me heal during that period of my life. I’m grateful for them. That was a period of patience and pain I would not want someone else to experience.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: 5 years from now I see myself being in a place where I can do even more with music and ministry. I will continue the craftsmanship of handling the word of God and staying positioned in life to follow Him closely.

Q: How can fans find your music and keep up to date with you?

A: The best way is my website: It has all my music, the One Life with Te`Luvv podcast, and various videos.

Q: Any special persons or people you would like to shout out?

  • The biggest shout out is to Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life.

  • E. Smitty and Sound Alive Records for the various services they offer and being inspired to do business together.

  • Genuine Life Productions in Seattle, WA

  • Soup Campbell and Willie Baldwin of Eikon (pronounced icon) Ministries in Memphis, TN.

  • My beautiful wife Tammy for supporting and believing in me.

  • All those subscribed and tuned in on the podcasts, my brethren in South Asia and Uganda, let’s keep growing and going forward in Jesus!

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